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North East, MD

Summerland, BC

Paso Robles, CA

Carmody McKnight is a one-of-a-kind adventure -- from exploring Mt. Ignées, our backyard volcano, to strolling our art galleries, which display through the hand of man, works blazing with the drama of tectonic forces. We are a visit impossible to forget.

Los Angeles, CA

San Antonia Winery today, the LA River is paved and the vineyards have been replaced with businesses and homes. San Antonio Winery remains the oldest and largest producing winery in Los Angeles with over 98 years of winemaking.

Healdsburg, CA

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Like most great things in life, our story is rooted in the Spirit of Tradition — in our case, the century old tradition of spicing wine. Come lounge with them and enjoy our menu of artisan wines, wine cocktails, and small bites.