Bavarian Gustav Clauss, captivated by the cultural refinement of the Achaean capital and the lively tastes of its vineyards, decides to establish the first wine estate in Hellas.
He builds a homestead settlement, complete with cathedral towers in the form of belfries, thus enabling an entire village to live, work and develop around the nucleus of wine production.
Over the years, Gustav’s passion and wisdom will transform a small winery into an estate which will become the cradle of legendary wines. 1873 sees the birth of the warm, full-bodied, sweet desert wine Mavrodaphne with its distinctive violet colour.
Soon after, the tantalizing and aromatic Patras Muscat gives rise to a charming delicate wine of the mountainsides of Kalavryta and bottles Demestica for the first time.
Demestica becomes the ambassador for Greek wine production, its fame rapidly crossing the borders to spread Gustav’s winemaking skills all oven the world. By laying the foundations of natured winemaking, Gustav Clauss passed on to future generations of his métier his love of the land and its fertility as well as of the country, which accepted him and offered him its hospitality.
ACHAIA CLAUSS becomes Hellenic owned. The plant’s gradual modernization and technical production begin. The traditional winemaking section however is preserved, providing evidence of ACHAIA CLAUSS’ s fundamental contribution to the development of refined wines in Hellas.
ACHAIA CLAUSS is by now famous in over 40 countries around the world with 156 International Distinctions, 15 major prizes, 51 gold and 38 silver medals as well as countless diplomas, all displayed in the Daniilida Cellar and bearing witness to ACHAIA CLAUSS’ s reputation in the international wine market. Besides its love for good wine, its determination to improve quality as well as its indisputable know-how place it among the most competitive witness in the world, ACHAIA CLAUSS' s ability to reveal the hidden secrets of the Hellenic.
ACHAIA CLAUSS is in every aspect a modern business and winery. Besides wine-production, it has expanded into other areas such as organizing and presenting conferences in modern halls, organizing regional exhibitions and presenting cultural events in historical parts of the estate. Approximately two hundred thousand visitors annually take the opportunity to visit this establishment stooped in history and legend and to taste the ACHAIA CLAUSS products.
ACHAIA CLAUSS is a time oasis, offering its beauty and its history up to time and to those who love it and are concerned with the preservation of its uniqueness. After all, it is a part of the heritage of this land which has suffered, been glorified, withstood the test of time and progressed.
It is a page out of our history books stubbornly refusing to age, maintaining its freshness and sense of adventure from that time in 1854 when a young, rebellious bohemian and bon viveur, Gustav Clauss, challenged the values and traditions of the prestigious bourgeoisie of the era by creating the best-known and longest lived Ambassador of Hellas is the world, the wine which became a model for wine-making and left its indelible mark…château Achaia Clauss.