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Kedem Wine Village
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Winery Features

Assaf Kedem
Kedem family
The KEDEM wine village experience includes ASSAF winery, Adika coffee house and 3 peaceful cabins. You are welcome to visit, taste the wine, and enjoy the healthy menu of Adika coffee house.

The Kedem famiy have been growing vineyards since 1990 and produced it 1st batch in 1997.

Their 12 acers are divided into 6 grounds, each with its unique character influencing the final tastes and aromas of the wines. Most of their vineyards are grown at 550 meter above sea level while two of the northern ones are grown at 890 meter above sea level where it snows at winter. Assaf personally attends all the vineyards.

They divide the grapes by vineyard to keep unique characteristics through fragmentation process. Their state of the art equipment incudes stainless steel tanks, crushing and pressing machines, bottling and labeling equipment.

Their in house advances laboratory is used for testing our wines during the wine making process.

The wine ages in Barrel hall absorbing wonderful tastes and scents.

They believe winemaking begins in the vineyards, the special care, the height, climate and basalt sole – the terroir, all directly affect the quality of the grapes.

They then make wine with their hearts and comprehensive knowledge. This is their secret magic of Assaf wines