13601 Old River Road
Hopland, CA 95449
United States
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Gary Breen
Winemakers of Hopland
Gary Breen
Anna Beuselinck
Campovida is a family owned & operated certified organic garden & vineyard. Campovida offers over 55 acres of nature, wine - olive oil - honey tasting, a culinary kitchen, a 10-room retreat center & multiple spaces for important conversations.

"What comes to me as seed, goes on as flower, and what comes to me as flower, goes on as fruit."- Mary Oliver

While Campovida is our home, it’s hard to think this land is ours. Rather it is our responsibility to care for it, lovingly and consciously, as shepherds, stewards, and caretakers for the moment so that when it is passed to the next family they will get to enjoy it as we have. We hope to be here a long while and intend to leave an honorable legacy. We are raising our family here, and enjoying building our community, connecting with our friends and family that come to visit us.
It took a very big dream to get us here. As a family we always dreamt of integrating our lives together with nature; we envisioned beauty, nature, space, friends, family, adventure, travel, community, and contribution. The kind of life where you don’t have to make a choice only to do one part of living, but where it is truly integrated – your head, your heart, your body. Where work is play and contribution and home is in the middle of nature. So, now we’re the maintenance crew, the concierge, the security, the gardeners, and still the dreamers. 

The leaps and courage it took for us to embrace our dream grounds us as we step onto this property, as we learn ever more deeply that this is the place for many conversations – with self and others. That this is the space for creating memories and remembering. This is the time for community and contribution. There is a call here. Into the field of oak trees, organic gardens, historic homes, and rustic barns…each whispering…please take care of us…because we will take care of you.
We all need and feel a connection. So we take big deep breaths as we leap into what’s possible. And, we thank those of you who share our dream with us.

We hope you will come to explore, play, and stay.