Fetzer Vineyards

12901 Old River Rd
Hopland, CA 95449
United States

Winery Features

Charlie Gilmore
Most people take the easy route. Barney Fetzer had other ideas. Pioneering earth-friendly winemaking long before it was a buzzword, Fetzer Vineyards continues Barney’s legacy of hard work, radical thinking and wines that make a difference.

In 1968, with rebellion in the air, Barney Fetzer started a revolution of his own. Through creativity, passion and lots of hard work, he blazed a trail to sustainability. His philosophy was simple: Earth-friendly grapes are better grapes, and better grapes make better wine. It wasn’t easy to buck a century of tradition and inspire an entire industry to change, but then, doing the right thing seldom is.

Fetzer Rebels Since 1968