Madrona Vineyards

2560 High Hill Rd.
Camino, CA 95709
United States

Winery Features

Paul Bush
Paul Bush
Maggie Bush
Madroña’s exceptional mountain elevation vineyards offer perfect growing conditions for the wide range of Rhône and Bordeaux varietals we grow here. Well-drained soil and mild temperatures throughout the year produce grapes with mild acidity and optimal m

Here’s where we feature the world of wine, food and friends that is the centerpiece of our life here at Madroña. Interested in what’s coming up at Madroña? Check out our Celebrate section for upcoming events and highlights of recent events. In Cook, you’ll find some of our favorite recipes and the wines that go best with them. Check this page often for featured recipes from our kitchen to yours. We’ve also organized our recipes by wine, so if you have a bottle of Madroña you just can’t wait any longer to drink, check out Recipes by Wine for what to serve with it. Stimulate your appetite for wine knowledge in our Learn section, where we’ll be sharing wine knowledge and how-to’s, like How to Read a Wine Label, and more. Check out Paul’s Page for what winemaker, Paul and his team are doing in the vineyard and in the winery. A prolific writer, Paul will keep you connected with the world of Madroña in a way that only he can. Every month, we’ll update our Taste section with featured wines from our current releases and recently tasted older Madroña wines. We love sharing our thoughts on the wines we make so watch this page – at the rate we like to taste our wines, we’ll probably update it often! We hope you enjoy the wealth of information, captured in one place, in this section. It’s a picture of what’s happening here day to day, season by season. Enjoy, from our place to yours!