Naughty Boy Vineyards

10000 Gibson Lane
Potter Valley, CA 95469
United States

Winery Features

Greg Graziano
Naughty Boy Pinot Noir spends 18 months in French oak casks prior to bottling. Warm summer days and cold nights along the foggy banks of the Russian River work together to create an intriguing earthy wine.

Naughty Boy is a very small husband and wife-run vineyard and sales team. Their vineyard is generally not open to the public, but do offer appointments.  They have a wine club party once an year.

A small vineyard dedicated to the production of a world-class Pinot. As in Burgundy, they believe that the care and love of the grapes is the first process in producing a perfect Pinot Noir. They cut no corners in production, using new French Oak barrels every year. Some people spend money on trendy tasting rooms and new cars, we put it into our wines! They are determined to avoid the world of "Mondovino" and wish to remain small and in control of their products. Their farming practices are sustainable and organic. All these result in an exceptional Pinot Noir at a reasonable price compared to other Pinots of the equivalent mastery.