Rock of Ages Winery

Rock of Ages Winery
1890 Charlie Long
Hurdle Mills, NC 27541
United States
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Kevin Moore
Kim Moore
Kevin Moore

The Rock of Ages Winery & Vineyard is located in North Carolina's southern Person County on the Moore family estate where tobacco was grown for generations. Communion wine was also produced on this land by Ernest Moore for area churches in the early 1900s. Now, his grandson, Kevin Moore and his wife, Kimberly, are carrying on that tradition as they are…"blending the old into the new.


The first of the vineyard's 26 acres were planted in 2003. Construction began on the winery facility in November, 2005 and the grand opening was in October, 2006.


The Moore family invites you to visit the Rock of Ages Winery & Vineyard in the Hurdle Mills community in southwestern Person County-just a short drive from Roxboro, the Triangle or the Triad. Enjoy wine tasting's, tours, special events, concerts or just a leisurely afternoon overlooking our vineyard and lake.


North Carolina now ranks 12th nationally in grape production and 12th for wine production. Our facility provides a unique and beautiful site for your enjoyment and pleasure, in the heart of the state as one of the newest members on the growing list of North Carolina wineries. From the mountains to the coast, North Carolina tourism is growing. Whether you are from our state or somewhere else, make plans now to enjoy a unique experience at the Rock of Ages Winery & Vineyard.