Seabreeze Winery

13201 Hutchison Blvd
Panama City Beach, FL 32407
United States

Winery Features

Fred M Webb
SeaBreeze Winery is centrally located on the west end of Hutchison Blvd/Middle Beach Road on beautiful Panama City Beach. After years of preparation the winery opened in July 2003.

Kyotee (Coyote) Vineyards is located 35 miles northwest of Panama City Beach in Bruce, FL. The first vines were planted in 1996. We presently have 100 acres the largest single vineyard in the State.
Kyotee Vineyards grows several of the most popular muscadine wine grapes. The black NOBLE from which SeaBreeze Winery produces their red wine, the bronze CARLOS, WELDER and MAGNOLIA from which the white wines are produced.

Vineyard operations are constant and ongoing all year long by a full-time staff of vineyard workers. Each season the year begins with pruning of the vines. Growth begins early as new leaves and flower buds emerge from the dormant vine. Spring and summer are a constant and urgent program of fertility management, weed control and irrigation in the dry deep sands of the vineyards. As the summer rains begin the mission changes to protecting the ever growing grapes in preparation of late summer harvest.

Harvest takes place in late August to mid September and is a time of major challenge in the vineyard. When the time of peak ripeness occurs the work of bringing in the harvest goes from daylight to dark. The grapes are harvested with a mechanical harvester which can quickly bring large quantities of grapes in transport bins to waiting trucks that depart immediate for SeaBreeze Winery on Panama City Beach or other wineries in the south who use these grapes in their wines.