St. Hubertus and Oak Bay Estate Winery

St. Hubertus and Oak Bay Estate Vineyard Lake View
5205 Lakeshore Road
Kelowna, BC V1W 4J1
Mon - Sun:
12:00 pm-6:00 pm

Winery Features

Marie Therese Duarte
Leo Gebert
Over looking beautiful lake Okanagan, they are making great wines from one of the best places to live and grow grapes on the planet. The Okanagan Valley is heaven on earth.

The St Hubertus & Oak Bay Vineyards were originally planted in 1928 By J.W. Hughes during a time when agricultural land was plentiful.

Since 1984 the Gebert Family’s use sustainable farming practices on their 80 acre vineyard to produce wines that reflect the terroir of the north Okanagan Valley under the St Hubertus & Oak Bay Label.

Rebuild after the devastating 2003 Okanagan Mountain Wild Fire, that destroyed the original winery and over 200 houses, the Gebert’s continued there commitment to quality, with a gentle, hands-on approach to making wine from 100% Estate Grown Wines.

The Gebert’s believe in minimal intervention when creating there wines full of flavour and soft tannins to show off the complexity associated with the Old World, but with the clean fresh fruit flavours of the New World.