Tehuacana Creek Vineyards And Winery

6826 EState Hwy 6
Waco, TX 76705
United States

Winery Features

Ulf Westblom
Ulf Westblom
Inga-Lill Westblom
Tehuacana Creek Vineyards is a family-owned vineyard located outside Waco, Texas. It was founded in March of 1997 when we planted our first 100 vines. Since then we have added vines every year and in 2006 we opened for sales as a bonded winery.

Tehuacana Creek (pronounced "To-Walk-In-A Creek") is named after the Tehuacana Indians who lived in the Waco area in the mid 1800's. The creek forms the western border of our land and runs into the Brazos River just half a mile south of us. At one time this land was part of the huge Thomas de La Vega grant, owned by a Mexican citizen who gave it up for sale to finance the release of Stephen F. Austin. By the end of the 19th century it was part of the large Harrison Cotton Plantation. General James E. Harrison had a plantation house built on what is now our land. Nothing is left today of this house called Tehuacana Retreat except pictures, but the road to the house still remains and passes just a few feet from our vines.