Two Corks And A Bottle

2800 Routh Street
2800 Routh Street
Dallas, TX 75201
United States

Winery Features

Elwyn Hull
John Ley

So the story begins during Christmas of 2008. John's brother, Bob sent everyone in the family wine that HE MADE! John said, "You made this?". Bob responded, "Yah! Cool, huh?" It was actually pretty good.

Well, in April of 2009, John was up in Michigan and Bob said he was going to make another batch and asked if he wanted to tag along.

While there John found the place very relaxing and interesting that you could pick out the type of wine you wanted to make and start it right there. Six weeks later it would be ready and you could bottle, cork and put your own label on wine that YOU made. What a neat concept!

It just so happened that there were franchise brochures on the counter. As he always did, John picked one up. He usually investigates them and the dream slips away and life goes on.

This time, when John returned to Dallas, he asked Elwyn, his best friend who was about ready to retire, what he was going to be doing. Elwyn wasn't sure. After showing him the brochure Elwyn said... sounds interesting... look into it and see what you find out.

To make a long story short... John did some investigations and found four franchise systems in the United States. Next thing you know John and Elwyn were in California checking out the Wine Not International winery system. One thing led to another and now you have Two Corks and a Bottle ready to serve our guests with our special wines!