More than a hundred and fifty years, the slope Vencac, Vrbičkih and Orašačkih hills were covered with vineyards. According to the first census, which was recorded back in 1898, Vrbica had eighty-four acres under vine

1903 is established and famous VENČAKA winemaking cooperative, unique in the Balkans, in addition to The product was three hundred thousand gallons of wine of various products and sparkling wine. Sam King, Aleksandar Karadjordjevic was one of its members, and also its grapes processed in common basements. Venčačka Wine Cooperative soon became famous not only in Serbia but also in the Balkans and the recorded visit of famous people of the time as well as official delegations such as : Eleanor Roosevelt, Frans Depere ... It was a blinding time growers and winemakers with Vencac and Vrbičkih hills. And then it was time decay in a short time the vineyards around Arandjelovac are reclaimed a good wine with Vencac and Vrbičkih hill fell into oblivion. Exactly one hundred years since the founding of Venčački winemaking cooperatives that. 2003 on the southern slopes of Orašačkih and Vrbičkih hill in a place of ancient times called "Vineyards" have sprung up new vines with them and Winery "VRBICA" which continues the TRDICE of grape growing and winemaking in the region. Nowadays Winery "VRBICA" There are ten acres of vineyards, which are grown high-quality varieties of white and red grapes native to France and produces about thirty-five thousand gallons of wine per year. Of red grape varieties are grown Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and a game of white Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Chardonnay. In the heart of the vineyard opened a restaurant where the various specialties and serve wine wineries VRBICA. In addition to the restaurants in the construction of the winery, which is located close to restaurants and that is partially operational.