Strange and unpredictable ways of life and the will of the Lord God, Spasic are still in the eighteenth century, rooted in the spectacular scenery Župski - Tržac.

Primal-related progenitress country, have always been aware of the religion, law, order, and work and as soon as it's wine-growing parish received under the clear sky, they were baptized vines, which are themselves permanently marked. Vine so for them it becomes incense and candles, lamp, peace and turmoil, giving and taking. Maybe they Spasic ever done that peccadillo, but it certainly is not. Neither the guest of the wedding party, or unexpected, or neighbor, or friend serve not a bad drop, because then they would not be Spasic. Lovers of Jesus' blood can cheat once and never again. There is no forgiveness. Neither the nature nobody is fooled. Vines Empress which should serve most loyal to you put the crowning glory on your head. The sun, earth and water receiving each of its wing, but few of them the gift of God used as Spasic. In their own way they understand the whisper of wine, the smell of a broader spirit and breath clusters, dark basement, storms and tempests. True to myself, restless and gifted spirit, entered the history of the Zupa winemaking. They stopped by the red of those venerable Serbian host where the sacred word, work law, a good wine a matter of honor and faith.