Cantina del Tufaio

Via cancellata di mezzo, 30
00039 Zagarolo RM

Winery Features

Cantina del Tufaio, is located in the heart of Zagarolo, an old town close to Rome. It has been founded in 1994 by the heirs of Ancient House Loreti for continuing a tradition that has its roots in 1881.

The Cantina del Tufaio winery consists in a farmhouse, that takes up from an ancient  Roman station of the horses, and in a beautiful wine cellar, that has been dug by hand 16 meters underground in the tuff, where today is refined sparkle wine, Tufaio Pas Dosè. The name "Tufaio" wishes to celebrate the typical banks of tuff of Zagarolo. This characteristic emerges from the terroir and from the vineyards and it affords to our wines a marked minerality scent. We produce wine with just our own bunches and we manage everything in family.

Homey atmosphere, curiosity, sharing of culture and experiences and authentic mood. These will be the feeling that it finds out in Cantina del Tufaio.

The producer leads the tourists in the vineyard, into the wine-cellar and they will be driven in the tasting experience of our wines, learning the technique of sensorial evaluation in mating with bread and oil, local sausages and local cheese.