Champagne Christian Briard

21 rue du Plessier
02850 Jaulgonne

Winery Features

Philippe Dupuis
Christian Briard

There is more than a century that from the will of one man, our House born. This man was my grandfather, Maurice Romelot. Thus, in the heart of the Marne Valley, this pioneer planted a vineyard that will produce wonderful Pinots.

Over the years, these grapes will sublimate assemblies and give this unique Champagne. Tempered wine, structured and well balanced, two generations later, he kept all his talents and acquired its letters of nobility. So I took the heavy burden of sustaining the legacy of the family.

Each vineyard, processed separately, ensures absolute precision. All our creations are made within the respect of that philosophy. A uniquely designed bottle is adorned with an engraving of gold carved made into the glass, a pearly label sheen and enhanced with a delicate and refined headdress. Supreme Elegance, our Champagnes are signed as the guarantee of the best quality and best service.

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