Seven Doors Winery

5800 Johnson Mountain Rd
Huddleston, VA 24104
United States
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Winery Features

Jennifer Feazelle
Their desire is to create a sacred space where people will be inspired to connect to nature and drink from the sweet nectar that life has to offer. Seven Doors Winery seeks to create wines that are organic and biodynamic.

As part of their vision, they want to focus on organic and biodynamic wines.  This is quite an undertaking, so in the meantime, they are buying organic wines from distributors to serve and nurture the niche market and learn about them. Today, they have curated a unique selection of organic wines from all over the world that embody the attributes that I they spire to live into.

Jen Feazelle, owner of Seven Doors Winery. Jen is a seeker, a mystic, leader at a Fortune 100 company and entrepreneur. She has traveled the world to find answers to many of the big questions in life, and mostly ends up with more questions – but also gains new insights and a deeper understanding of herself.