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Winery Features

The Blue Secco & Blue Wine is pure natural. The colour develops through anthocyanins that are extracted out of dark grapes ( grapes of the "Lemberger", both)

Germany is experiencing its Blue Wonder!

From Hannover with the aim to revolutionize the wine landscape. German winemaker wine dyed with anthocyanins, a dye extracted from the shell of blue grapes. 

The Blue Secco & Blue Wine is pure natural. The colour develops through anthocyanins that are extracted out of dark grapes of the red Lemberger wine grape.

Blue SeccoTasting Note for the Blue Secco

The Blue Secco is a white wine variety from Germany. A classical aperitif or to drink on special occasions such as birthdays, New Year´s Eve and all other cheerful events.

A crossing of Riesling and Silvaner. It was created in 1882 by the Swiss wine cultivator Prof. Müller - Thurgau. It is a mild, balanced and cheerful wine with a slight nutmeg-bouquet. 

The Blue Secco is coloured with anthocyanins that are extracted out of the skin of dark grapes of the "Lemberger" (grape).  So it is pure natural! 

It is a grape variaty Müller - Thurgau, Kabinett (Cabinet) quality wine from the German wine region Rhineland - Palatinate (Pfalz).

Kabinett - literally "cabinet", meaning wine of reserve quality to be kept in the vintners cabinet.  Typically fully ripened light wines from the main harvest, typically semi-sweet with crisp acidity, but can be dry if designated so.

Tasting Note for the Blue Wine No. 1

This new white wine variety is a cross(breed)/crossing of Silvaner (as the father) and Riesling (as the mother). 

These kerner wines are fresh, quaffable and with a tender/light nutmeg bouquet. With the Blue Wine you can perfectly drink with fish, white meat, asparagus, mussels, starters and goat cream cheese.

The Blue Wine (sparkling wine) is an aromatic white grape variety Kerner, Kabinett (Cabinet) whose origin is also in Rhineland-Palatinate (Pfalz).