Valor Winery

2133 Research Dr. Ste. #14
Livermore, CA 94550
United States
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Josh Laine
Josh Laine
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Winery By Appt Please call and make an appt at 925.371.0339, we have a tasting room open from 12pm to 5pm Fri-Sun at 5143 Tesla Rd, Livermore, CA
Valor Winery, a veteran owned and operated winery in Livermore, California. Valor Winery is dedicated to employing veterans and assisting veterans with their benefits. Every bottle of wine is made by a veteran to help a veteran.

Valor Winery was established in 2007 with the passion to provide job security and camaraderie for veterans while producing exceptional wines. We are located in the Bay area in Livermore, California. Our goal is to sell and distribute the wines we produce throughout the nation, focusing on pro-military businesses that support our veterans. We focus on social networking and word of mouth advertising to support our cause.

Veterans from all branches maintain vineyards and gardens for Valor Winery. Some veterans are also used in sales and marketing to make our business successful. The skills that they developed and used during their military service are also used at Valor Winery. These skills benefit the winery and in turn, the winery benefits the veterans by providing mental and physical therapy, camaraderie, and financial help. Valor Winery has recently worked with Stanford University's Media Center in creating a documentary which caught the eye of The Discovery Channel that is interested in creating a reality TV series that shows the veterans working in the business industry and creating a successful life for themselves outside of the military.

Valor Winery will strive to provide more job opportunities for veterans and take the alcohol industry by storm. Our Veterans will continue to produce and sell exceptional wine that will promote the cause to support our veterans. Valor Winery donates a percent of all net proceeds from wine bottles to the Stand Up and Play Foundation to purchase wheel chairs for disabled veterans and the Vets and Vines Foundation to keep veterans employed to manage vineyards and farmlands.