The tradition of grape growing and wine production Negotinska Frontier is inextricably linked to the monastery Bukovo, which due to its geographical location, extremely favorable weather conditions, and a distinctive type of soil on the monastery grounds, through the ages and is synonymous with the main feature of viticulture and winemaking in this region. After the advent of phylloxera (late nineteenth century) that seriously affected the entire European and viticulture and Serbian monastery Bukovo was in 1887. Was on his estate established the first vineyard school, which four years later became the first state agricultural schools for viticulture and fruit growing. The monastery became a center of renewal and Vine Negotinske Krajina. The rich history of grape growing and wine making our monastery, as a sort of legacy of many generations, inspired Bishop Timočkog Justin to fraternity gathered under his spiritual guidance, constantly encouraged to renew and continue this tradition. These incentives were successful and monastic brotherhood is an area of ​​two hectares raise unique moment of muscadine, which is the ancient variety, not only saved from oblivion already created the basis for the creation of a new, original Serbian wines. Black muscadine is specific muscatel variety, very rare in the world (Serbia, Italy, Portugal) and very difficult to grow, due to problems with blossom, and a variety that is able to create a unique wine, the inimitable smell and taste, which are intertwined Floral, fruity and spicy tones (rose, raisins, basil, etc.). The sugar content in the broader reaches between 25 and 32 percent, and in exceptional years when the yield is significantly lower - becomes "suvarak", which can contain up to 45 percent sugar. Wines are measuring 14 to 17.6 v / v with the rest of unfermented sugar, which makes black muscadine exceptional semi-sweet wine. In an effort to unite tradition and modern technology in wine production, monks, their hard work and dedication, trusting in the grace of God that complements all of our shortcomings, foster monastic vineyards and ancient black muscadine wishing that Serbia re-emergence of premium red wines worthy of this area .