Street Judge Fonseca Nunes, 379 - Room 02
San Joaquin - SC

Winery Features


The Suzin is a young wine of Italian origin that began in São Joaquim, Santa Catarina in mid 2001, created by the family patriarch Mr. Zelindo Melci Suzin, now 73 years old, along with his two sons, Everson and Jeferson Suzin.

Since 1977, Suzin is a traditional brand in the business of fruit growing (apples) with 60 acres and 100 acres on branch of bataticultura (producer of seed potatoes inspected), seeking to diversify their production implanted 10 hectares of vineyards and launched its first products in the market , Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot harvest in 2006 Expovinis in 2008.

The vineyard is composed of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, 5% and 10% Pinnot Noir Blanc Suavignon.

With a production 40-50 tonnes of wine grapes, only 20 tons are transformed into wine by Suzin, the rest is sold to other companies in the region.

Because it is a small production vineyards receive differential treatment as defoliation, conducting branches, selection of clusters, thinning of berries, specific cultural practices, manual harvesting, etc., all to ensure the quality and excellence of the wines.

The entire winemaking today is outsourced, but with the construction project itself canteen soon.